Our client base is extremely diversified and includes well respected businesses throughout New Jersey and New York. Our segment focus is niche oriented and provides us with a dedicated focus on doing what we do best- serving the accounting industry. Within our commitment to the accounting industry we have divided our expertise into two primary segments- the private and public sectors.


Our Private Sector Focus:


The need to secure exceptional talent which effectively meets the needs of the finance departments of businesses is an area in which we are uniquely qualified to serve. Our access to talent at all levels- from Accounting Clerk to Chief Financial Officer- means to that we can operate as a one-stop shop for any business.


We can draw from a roster of experienced personnel in the industry or work from a database of contacts who can bring a youthful and fresh perspective to your operations when necessary.


In today’s business environment, the need to find people who possess industry expertise is essential in accelerating your growth and financial stability. Throughout the years we have developed strong experience with organization's in the following industries:

    •  Retail
    •  Emerging Technologies
    •  Financial Services
    •  Entertainment
    •  Management Consulting
    •  Apparel
    •  Real Estate
    •  Publishing
    •  Telecommunication
    •  Pharmaceuticals
    •  Manufacturing
    •  Wholesale/Distribution


Our Public Sector Focus:


The needs of the public accounting sector are dynamic and continually changing yet one constant remains-  the acquisition of exceptional talent leads to excellence in client service, differentiation from competition and ultimately greater brand recognition as a service provider of choice.


Our alignment of expectations with key stakeholders at public accounting firms- partners, human resource experts and others- assures that we deliver the right results.


The strength of experienced talent- at the Senior, Manager and Directors levels- is mission critical to your success. Our track record proves that we have the discipline, experience and skill to meet your needs for the recruitment of experienced professional staff talent which will provide top level client service and technical mind-share.


Most public accounting firms pivot from the core philosophy that they can address the hiring of college graduates internally. While we agree, we also understand that when access to outside help is necessary we at CAREER TRAX have developed excellent relationships with Colleges and Universities in New Jersey and New York- Schools with reputations for top accounting programs.


In addition, our recruitment skills extend beyond just professional staff, meeting your needs for infrastructure and support personnel that form the very backbone of your operation. As a result, we can further augment your needs for personnel in Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology, Finance and Adminstrative Suport functions.


In many instances, public firms, have sought to gain additional recruiting leverage by engaging CAREER TRAX in providing on-site recruitment. Our On-Site Program is a structured system which accelerates the fulfillment of your recruitment needs. Our On-Site Program provides organizations with consistent access to the same recruiting experts- experts who gain a unique perspective on your core philosophies and values.