The ability to  distance oneself from a transaction and gain true perspective is difficult when the parties involved are negotiating perhaps their most valuable and material asset- their firm. Emotions can run high and result in clouded judgment and ineffective decisions.


Gaining access to the right merger partner is the number one factor in creating a successful merger which is built to last. Access to high level knowledge capital to guide you from the negotiating table- to contract execution and forward through assimilation- are critical matters sometimes best left to outside experts. While you must play the central role throughout the process, availing yourself of a seasoned professional can make all the difference between success and failure.

At CAREER TRAX we have assembled highly respected and knowledgeable professionals who have:

  • Access to merger partners who will fit your strategy and firm profile
  • Experience in working through the negotiating process-right through to the execution of a signed merger document
  • Knowledge of the essential ingredients necessary which enable a transaction to reach its optimum potential