The reality is that no merger transaction should ever look exactly like another. The reasoning is simple- each firm is comprised of unique individuals with differing needs. Any attempt to construct a “one size fits all” scenario to a deal will only serve to frustrate the participants and compromise the benefits which could otherwise be gained. At CAREER TRAX we understand the need to dive deeper into your goals and objectives so that we can meet, and exceed, expectations.


While each transaction will have its specific considerations, mergers can be characterized into the following broad-stroke categories:


· Upstream Mergers: A larger firm absorbing the operations of a smaller organization. In this scenario the merger really takes on the look and feel of an acquisition. The smaller firm typically adopts the policies and procedures of the larger organization in most respects, with the larger firm enjoying the benefits of acquiring talent, clients, resources and access to new referral sources.


· Boutique Deals: A firm acquires a boutique accounting and/or consulting operation which expands the service profile of the accounting firm through the merger of an organization and existing talent which possess acute knowledge and brand in select market segments and niches.


· Merger of Equals. While the term “equals” can never truly exist in a literal sense, the combination of firms of similar size often occurs for various strategic reasons including the rapid fulfillment of strategic intent and vision for both parties.


No matter the type of tranaction, the ability to gain access to merger and lateral partner candidates is Step #1 in assuring that a mutually

benefical transaction occurs. At CAREER TRAX, we have developed relationships within the public accounting profession which

assures that candidates who fit your value system, philosophy and strategy are placed together for maximum success.