Jeff has served the accounting profession for close to 30 years, working for the last decade as the Managing Partner of one the Top 100 firms in the United States. Having presided over a firm which enjoyed record growth, Jeff was able to position his organization for future sustainability and legacy.


Central to Jeff's growth strategy was the commitment to internal (organic) and external (mergers and lateral partner moves) growth models which optimized niche expertise, procurement of talent and market position. During his tenure, Jeff consummated numerous merger transactions and lateral partner moves by using a systematic process which emphasized open and frequent communication, creativity during the negotiating process and attention to detail in the post merger assimilation environment.


This approach was deployed with the knowledge that no two deal are ever alike. As a result, Jeff strongly committed to addressing the "human element" and the specific needs, goals and objectives of the people involved on both sides of the negotiating table. In doing so the maximum beneifts were gained for all parties involved- merger partners, client and staff- and a long lasting relationship from which to drive growth was fostered.


Jeff's view of the merger process involves three major phases which are summarized as follows:


1. Assessing Potential Merger Partners: The term culture has been bantered around so much that its meaning has become cloudy and murky. Jeff translates the term culture into the concept of "values". These values represent the beliefs, philosophies and styles of operation which must have common ground in order for a successful merger to be realized.

2. Evaluating Deal Structure: Quite simply, there is no "cookie cutter" way to transact a merger. Creativty and experience are essential ingredients in any deal. Dedicated focus is required and access to a sounding board who can advise you in that regard is crucial.

3. Assimilation and Integration: A deal is only just beginning when all the legal documents are signed. The most important time is actually the 3-6 month period following the consummation of a transaction. The creation of action plans to assure a smooth transition process for mission critical areas such as human resources, marketing, technology and finance are absolute musts in any deal.


Jeff brings his extensive background and approach to the CAREER TRAX team where he has aligned with the organization to further develop its reputation in the merger and lateral partner move sectors. Jeff's background delivers a unique perspective from someone who has built an organization from the ground-up and who can share intimate knowledge on what it is like to sit on both sides of the negotiating table. This background enables clients to draw from his mind-share throughout all phases of the merger process. Jeff's reputation assures that clients receive a tailored engagement experience, not one being served by someone who has access to mis-matched candidates and who offers little to nothing else in terms of mind-share, but rather by a seasoned professional who possesses true skills in the area.