Dennis Conti is the President and co-founder of CAREER TRAX INC. Establishing CAREER TRAX over 25 years ago, Dennis has positioned himself as an integral member of the accounting community; developing and utilizing his knowledge first in the accounting and recruitment sector, then applying his deep connections within the profession towards the merger and acquisition arena.


Experience and relationships are the drivers which separate the ordinary advisor from the exceptional. Dennis provides access to resources and knowledge capital which enable him to act not only as a service provider for staffing needs, but also as a trusted advisor. This advisory capacity has been gained through an understanding of the needs of the clients he serves; meshing their strategy with the opportunities which exist in the market.


The relationships which Dennis has forged with the thought leaders of the accounting profession have positioned him as a unique expert who understands the inner workings of a professional services firm/business and the strategies which a central to their continued success and vibrancy.


Throughout his tenure, Dennis has also continued to devote himself towards serving the needs of clients in the private accounting sector, aligning the needs of clients with highly qualified accounting candidates who consistently exceed expectations by delivering outstanding results.


As CAREER TRAX continues to serve the accounting industry, Dennis has evolved beyond just the recruitment segment of his business, drawing from deep personal relationships to assist public accounting firms as an advisor and resource to be utilized in the fulfillment of an organization's strategic intent and vision.


Winning the talent wars is tantamount to building a successful organization and gaining a competitive advantage. In building CAREER TRAX, Dennis has understood that talent can be gained from many avenues- through traditional staff recruitment, through mergers of firms and through lateral partner moves.


Dennis is a 1980 graduate of William Paterson University where he began his career in the accounting profession prior to transitioning to his current role.