Mergers, acquisitions and lateral partner moves have, and continue to be, a core business strategy within the public accounting profession. The drivers that have caused firms to re-think their current market positions are varied.


The void of talent that had presided over the profession for the past decade has challenged an aging population of partners and owners to secure suitable transition solutions for the interests in their firms. Market saturation and a staggering economy have further impeded firms in their efforts to acquire, maintain and effectively serve clients- these same clients who now have higher demands for acute expertise and mind-share from the CPA firm who currently serves them. Complicating matters is the rapid pace at which the profession is evolving- from the growth of competition to the speed with which the standard setting process has evolved.


The challenges of yesterday are certainly no longer the same challenges that firms will face for the foreseeable future. As a result, many firms are re-evaluating their strategies and future direction. While a sale is not always the proper solution, consideration of the benefits of upstream mergers, mergers of equals or lateral partner moves can, and should, be part of an effective and healthy management dynamic and decision making process.


At CAREER TRAX we have forged a strong reputation for in-depth knowledge on the inner workings of the merger  and lateral partner move environment. Our expertise includes connecting the optimum opportunites, but delves further by providing access to mind-share that can assist through the negotiation and assimilation phases of any trasnaction. This depth of expertise results in a heightened chance for success and future benefit for all of our clients.