CAREER TRAX can trace its roots to the staff recruitment industry, where we have developed a strong reputation for matching top level candidates with ideal employment opporutnities. Our access to robust contacts in the private and public sectors of the accounting profession enables us to deliver results which exceed expectations for our clients and the candidates we represent.
Our focus on the New Jersey/New York market place has provided us with unique perspectives on key success factors which drive businesses and individuals towards greater success in one of the richest and most demanding markets in the nation.

Our dedicated focus to the accounting community assures that we maintain an acute focus on a niche which has challenging demands in both the private and public market sectors. This dedicated focus provides our clients with the comfort they need in knowing that we understand the optimum means to fit the right candidate with the right organization. The end result is that both the company and candidate are able to enjoy the rewards of a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.