The list of benefits from combining forces goes on and on. In the end, a successful merger exists when one plus one equals more than two; meaning the joining of organizations results in a more powerful firm as one then would exist if the two organizations continued to operate separately. However in order to optimize the benefits to be gained by joining two organizations, care must be taken to focus on an approach which is timely and properly paced. Core issues which assure that a deal is smooth and beneficial include:

    • Upfront Planning. Outcomes become more predictable when significant effort is made in the planning phase. The outcome then becomes nothing more than the end result of effective time and energy spent on setting forth goals and expectations.
    • Effective Assimilation. A major part of that planning process will be the assimilation efforts made before, and after, a merger is transacted. Mirroring the key drivers which exist in operating an accounting firm, the focus of effective assimilation should be on the core aspects of human resources, finance, technology and marketing, among other areas.
    • Communication. Open dialogue and continued communication are essential ingredients in effectively managing partners, staff and support personnel on both sides of a transaction.

Merger transactions are not without risk. Care must be taken to align strategy with opportunity and it is here where the value of an outside expert, such as the professionals at CAREER TRAX can be most highly measured.


The completion of a merger is a journey and a process. Key considerations in the merger process include:

  • Assuring that a blissful courtship ends in a happy marriage. If the ability to gaze into a crystal ball was a real possibility, then few if any merger transactions would ever fail. The delicate process of merger transactions can be closely identified with the process of dating and marriage. During the dating process, typically everyone is on their best behavior during the courtship, but it is after the marriage ceremony takes place and the effects of the honeymoon has transpired that you truly begin to understand what life would look like with your chosen partner. Assessing the compatibility of a merger candidate is also a courtship and not one which should be taken lightly. The process takes time, experience and a little intuition.


  • Aligning Values. Values can never be fully assessed through a few meetings which take place in the work environment. The elongation of the courtship process should provide ample opportunities to assess compatibility of values.


  • Attention to due diligence. Many people preach the virtues of effective due diligence and its merits need to be underscored. The goal should be to join two firms with the understanding that the benefits to be gained occur from future combined growth.

  • Focus on Assimilation. In a post merger environment the possibilities really become clear and a focused effort on open communication and constant attention to assimilation are essemtials im sustaining a smooth transition.